The Six Foot Sphere – A Custom Armillary Chandelier in Production

Armillary Alarise smile small

If you walked through our studio in last fall, you would not be able to miss the six foot sphere, a custom version of our Armillary Chandelier, destined for a converted firehouse in the mid-west.

Armillary ladder 2 small

This custom Armillary Chandelier had ten lights and measured 72″ diameter x 54″ high–that is six feet wide by four and a half feet high! ¬†And that doesn’t include the twelve feet of hanging chain they ordered!

Armillary arms small

For much of its time in the studio, it existed in two halves, a more manageable beast for our artisans.

2014-11-07 12 12 09

Some of our artisans even had to climb a ladder in order to be able to work their magic!

Armillary ladder small

And we had to capture the moments when we climbed inside the sphere–it isn’t every day that we can fit inside of one of our chandeliers!

Armillary Alarise smile small