Raw Materials vs Final Product

Pyrex Glass Tubes

In a very materialistic world that focuses on the final product more than anything else, we often lose sight of the creative process behind the product. This means that more often than not, the pieces that make up the end product get ignored, or simply are not appreciated as much as the whole. Is it because when the materials are not visually a part of something bigger it’s much harder to see their importance? For whatever reason, we at Niermann Weeks try our best to look at materials through a different lens. The materials are the product. When shedding this light on all materials, we are able to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the final product. By embracing the process and journey, the final product becomes that much more amazing. This photo does just that. It displays materials in their raw form, and when it becomes a part of something bigger, it becomes obvious why such materials are important to the final product. We want to encourage everyone to look at products in this way. The final product is just one piece of the puzzle. It’s the process and journey that holds the true art and skill.10-0210a-4808-l23_alt_300dpi

Venetian silver leaf