Finish of the Moment – Blackened Silver Leaf

Blackened silver leaf finish samples

Requests for our L05 – Blackened Silver Leaf are pouring in and we can barely keep up!

Blackened Silver Leaf

Not only are we receiving requests for the finish sample to be sent out for review and approval, but our studios are full of designs finished in Blackened Silver Leaf!

Custom Palissy Sconces…

Palissy Sconces

A custom Palissy Lantern…

Palissy Lantern

A Carcassonne Mirror…


And that was just yesterday!

Blackened Silver Leaf was originally created for the Ravenna Lamp–a petite table lamp. ¬†We do not make many Ravenna Lamps anymore, but the finish has grown in popularity recently.


If you have requested a finish sample of Blackened Silver Leaf and have not received one yet, do not fear–we are working hard to produce more of these precious pieces of metal!

L05 1

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