What’s New What’s Next at the New York Design Center

WNWN 2015

Please join us in Suite 905 at the New York Design Center at 4 pm on Thursday September 17th for a What’s New What’s Next panel discussion co-hosted by our friends at House Beautiful magazine.

HB's Design Fluency & the Future at NW for WNWN 215Design Fluency and the Future  

What do all design visionaries and celebrated rule-breakers have in common?  They share a broad understanding of the profession’s established traditions and conventions.  House Beautiful Editor in Chief Sophie Donelson and Next Wave designers Catherine OlaskyElizabeth PyneCeCe Thompson and Max Sinsteden discuss how the work of design “greats” – and the rules and rigors of classic decorating – impact today’s most memorable work.  Join us for a lightning-round of Decorating Trivia followed by a peek at the influences that inspire their latest projects.

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